Living From The Heart Flipbook

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This new resources puts nine key coaching tools from the Living from the Heart workshop at your fingertips. For example, if you want to reframe a person's story from heaven's perspective, just flip open the book to the Seven Frames page and stand it up like a tent on the table between you. You'll have a guide to using the frames, while the person across the table views a full-color version of the Seven Frames diagram.

So stop scribbling on napkins, and and use these professional, full-color graphics to explain:

  1. The Heart Model
  2. The Engaging Circumstances Process
  3. The Three Beliefs
  4. The Levels of Engaging
  5. The Seven Frames
  6. Leaning In
  7. The Calling Journey Timeline
  8. Finding Your Calling Stage
  9. Stage Characteristics
  10. Using the Flipbook

Its a great way to introduce heart engaging to your coachees and build your skills at the same time.

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