Coaching The Heart Zoom online Jan. 14th-March 25th Thurs. 6pm-8pm

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Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus actually joined your coaching sessions? Imagine if every appointment was a three-way call with him, and instead of looking for answers within, you could simply ask Jesus and he’d tell you straight up? Coaching the Heart will show you how to have life-changing, live dialogues with Jesus, right in your coaching sessions. It’s heart transformation instead of behavioral modification.

If you’ve wanted more impact as a coach or you just would like to learn how to create God-encounters in any conversation, this course is for you!

For more detailed information, check out the Coaching the Heart workshop page. 

This three-day workshop is limited to 32 participants to allow for a high level of interaction and instructor contact.

Coaching the Heart is required for LM Encounter Coaching certification. If you are taking the course for certification, make sure and select the item that includes the certification fee when registering.


Registration and Prerequisites
To attend this course, you must have either completed our Transforming the Heart course or read the book, The Invitation. (You'll be lost without it!)  

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