The Calling Journey (Poster)

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The Calling Journey Poster

by Tony Stoltzfus 
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Leaders often arrive at a stage in life where inevitable questions arise: "Why is this happening to me? Where is my life going?" And, H"ow can this ever fit with what God called me to?" In The Calling Journey book that goes with this poster, author Tony Stoltzfus answers these questions with a model of the stages and transitions God moves us through on the road to our calling. This is vital information for any life coach doing destiny discovery or working with clients in transitional seasons. The poster shows how coaching life purpose looks radically different depending on the season of life the coachee is in.

Displaying the life of Joseph from his teen years of dreaming dreams to his betrayals to his breakthrough into forgiving his brothers, this poster is the perfect training aid for doing Calling Journey workshops or classes using the Mapping Your Calling Timeline Facilitator's Package. This workshop package contains outlines PowerPoints, promotional materials, and everything you need to offer a course on the Calling Journey timeline, all for under $20!

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