Coaching Packages

Courageous Heart begins every coaching relationship with an initial free coaching session.  This is done to see if the client enjoys the coaching relationship and to see if there is a fit between the client and the coach.

After that, we offers two coaching packages:

  1. The standard coaching package consists of two – 60 minute sessions per month for $250 per month.
  2. The intensive coaching package includes four – 60 minute coaching calls per month for $500 per month.

During the month clients are welcome to e-mail or make short, 5-10 minute “spot calls” between sessions to share a win, ask a question or deal with a minor issue. This is provided at no extra charge.

All coaching contracts starts with a three month commitment, and goes month to month afterwards.  The reason we start with a three month commitment is that it is difficult to see any sort of measured change in less time.

If you'd like to schedule a free coaching session please contact us here. 

Phone: 707-499-4460