Heaven's Perspective: Stories from the Book of Life

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Heaven's Perspective takes you on an incredible journey of seeing life through a different lens: the eyes of heaven. Seventeen ordinary Christians share intimate stories of their most painful experiences in life -- but then Jesus steps in, rewriting their suffering as glory, loss as the fuel for their destiny and filling the deepest desires of their hearts. A mother learns that the son she lost will never experience a day without her in heaven. A missionary harassed by the KGB learns the secret rescue mission Father sent him for, a thrice-divorced woman sees Jesus take her shame away for ever--and much more. You'll learn to reinterpret your own life in the light of glory while you absorb tools for doing the same with others.

Using tools presented in the Living from the Heart workshop, Heaven's Perspective will give you a renewed perspective on life.

If you'd like to find out more about the Heaven's Perspective book, or have your own story rewritten from Heaven's perspective, click here.

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